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Trig Project Idea....suggestions?

Inspired by @krisreid72 sharing this document with @Fouss , combined with the fact that I was looking for something that my trig students (who just finished a unit on solving triangles using Law of Sines/Law of Cosines) could wrestle with while I am out of the classroom Monday and Tuesday, I came up with an idea. The Amazing Race! random caveat: Season 14 had a deaf participant! I will give students 2 options - Option 1: No real trig involved, but still challenging thought processes and more stops to make Find the shortest "round-the-world" trip visiting many of the tallest buildings in the world. Assume (for the current purposes of this project) that you have a private jet/helicopter that can take off/land anywhere in the world. Primary tool: Google maps Go to Click Trigonometry in the left navigation bar Click Amazing Race Follow the directions. Option 2: (taken from @krisreid72's project) Significant amount of t

Blogging hiatus

I am still alive...I am still teaching...I am still moving, mostly forward. I've really been struggling to keep up with things, mainly extra-curriculars (as a sponsor, or my own hobbies!) while at the same time being wholly present in my classroom as we're reviewing for end of course tests. I have a list of blog post ideas that haven't materialized...maybe some day soon. Just wanted to say that I'm still here.