I'd forgotten how humbling it is to make something and then send it to another person for feedback. As I was making my derivatives test yesterday, Sam mentioned that he would like to see it to compare with his. As I was writing the test, I was adding specific questions to target certain skills, but I also became highly aware that someone whose teaching I highly respect would be looking at this test very soon. It made me nervous! I'm in the very early stage of my career so I feel like I don't have anything to offer these teachers who have been at it for years. I become self-conscious.  But I sent it anyway, despite my insecurities, and hopefully he'll have some feedback on how it could be better. *smile*

Thanks for making me strive to be a better teacher.


  1. Aargh! You fool! I was asking for your test just *because* I am self-conscious about how *my* test looks. Hahahaha. But that reminds me I promised to send you mine too...

  2. @Sam -

    I didn't think that you'd be criticizing my test or anything, I just was aware of my feelings and I do highly respect you. Sorry so foolish *smile*