Really excited for this week!

I'm getting really excited for this week. Plans include catapults with Calculus and Algebra 2, complete with video instructions (really hoping that technology is my friend this week) and peer mentoring.

The goal for catapults is to work through the project in Calculus on Monday and Tuesday. We'll be taking it a bit more in depth than Mr. Sweeney's Algebra 2 project, talking about velocity and position relating to the initial discussions of derivatives. Then, on Thursday, Algebra 2 student will make a catapult from my model, and begin his investigation. Friday, Calculus student will join Algebra 2 student to help with the "math" of the project. All this will happen without me being there, which is why we need video directions!

I'm really excited for this, and the excitement easily turns into anxiety and thinking of all the ways it could completely bomb and blow up in my face when I return. But, it's worth a shot, right? Two-thirds of my Alg2 class is going to be gone Thursday and Friday anyway at a volleyball tournament, so here's my time to throw in a project for one of the more advanced students in my class.

Any words of wisdom?

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  1. It's always worth a shot. Sometimes we need to model for our students the willingness to try something, evaluate how it went and improve it or scrap it. No fears; no worries.